September 14, 2010


So I revamped the blog tonight :) I definitely like this. A lot. So, here's an actual blog post lol

One of my favorite shows to watch on TV is Teen Mom. It comes on MTV on Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. There are 4 "families" on the show. Farrah is a single mom to her daughter Sophia. She has had family problems, mostly with her mom, and is just now starting to try to repair the relationship with her mom. Props to her, but she needs to stop being so darn stubborn. However, at the same time I can completely understand putting walls up after how her parents have controlled her. She is having a hard time letting those walls down. She needs to continue with her therapy and her therapist needs to recognize that Farrah has put walls up and her therapist needs to help her break those walls down. Especially for the sake of her family.

Then there is Catelynn & Tyler. They gave their baby up for adoption because they wanted her to have a good happy life. They have grown up a lot and you get to see the issues they go through after giving up their baby. Not really a whole lot to say about them, but they are a pretty good couple of kids :)

Then there is Maci. She single parents Bentley and currently shares custody with her ex, Ryan. Ryan is a jerk. He lives with mom & dad and doesn't have a job. Maci has a job, goes to school, and I think lives in an apartment that mom & dad made for her. Maci wants to move 2 hours away to be with her boyfriend. She has known her boyfriend for years and so have her parents. He's not just some random guy or anything. So Ryan is trying to get more time with Bentley and Maci isn't trying to just give it to him so Ryan wants to take her to court. Ryan wasn't around for the first year of Bentley's life. I don't think it's a good idea for Maci to move now that Ryan has told her that he is taking her to court. Ryan will be able to hold that against her. At the same time, Maci has a LOT to hold against Ryan in court. I'm not sure which way it is going to go in the end, but it is definitely a bad idea for Maci to move right now.

Then (I saved the "best" for last) there is Amber & Gary. They break up in EVERY episode and it is always something stupid. I despise Amber as a mother. She kicked Gary out after he tried to get Amber to stop cussing in front of their daughter, Leah. Gary got up, started getting all of his stuff... TV, lamps, sheets, etc. Amber told him he was "being a petty f***ing b****" right in front of Leah. Gary should have taken Leah with him. Gary is a much better parent than Amber is and I pray to God that Gary takes Amber to court and takes Leah away from her. Amber is a (insert your choice of words here) and does NOT deserve to have that child.

Anywho, I posted all of that because tonight's episode just made me want to scream and obviously I can't because it's 11 p.m. and my kids are sleeping finally (I think). So... Now for life :)

Life is good. Lots of school work still, but I'll have a small break in a few weeks. My African American Lit class ends on 9/29 and then I don't have a class to "replace" it until 10/11. I am very much looking forward to that break.

Anna is doing pretty good at school. We have her IEP meeting on 9/23. I am definitely looking forward to it. I talked to the coordinator at the school yesterday and told her what I planned on asking for at the meeting. I informed her that I want Anna tested for Occupational Therapy and she definitely needs to be tested for speech. I also mentioned that I know Anna is way behind academically and I explained to her why. Anna and I butt heads a lot. She doesn't like to "work" with me. Anyone else, it's fine. From what I hear, that is normal though. So we both get frustrated and just can't accomplish anything. It's not a good situation. So I try, but I just don't know how to work with Anna and help her and that hurts me. As her mom, I should be able to help her with things. So, all of that will be discussed next Thursday afternoon. I can't wait!

Caleb is doing well with Anna being in school. He's still very clingy to me and doesn't really want to play a whole lot. We have been doing more with our MOMS club and having a lot of fun.

I'm just hoping that everything continues to go well and we all stay happy :) Loving life right now!