February 21, 2011

Oh. My. Gosh.

Okay, I just have some student type ranting to do... I'm going insane today apparently and I have about 5 minutes to post this blog!

First things first. Today in Bio, we had to give presentations on some biodiversity hotspots... check out www.biodiversityhotspots.org for more information... There were some things that other students said that really made me cringe to think that they are college students... (Disclaimer: None of this is about my teacher)

1. Moisturize your trees. Really? I need to put lotion on my trees to make them grow? Okay!

2. Geography is pronounced "jee-ah-gruh-fee". Not "jeo-graf-ee".

3. Pinnipeds: If you don't know what the word means, you shouldn't be using it in a presentation to a bunch of people. It makes you look a little silly if you are barely able to pronounce a word and using it in the wrong context when you are supposed to be "teaching" the class about something.

4. What ever happened to sounding out words that you don't know? Does "myobatrachus" look like it would be pronounced "myobactrus"?

5. Community college is really giving me an ego boost. I feel like a genius compared to some of these people!

6. A number such as 327,262 is NOT said as "three hundred twenty seven two sixty two". Don't you have to pass 3rd grade to get a high school diploma or GED?

7. I'm glad that the elderly generation wants to learn more about technology, but if you don't understand a computer, don't take a course that requires you to do a TON of work on a computer. Take a basic computer course first!!!!!

Okay, end rant. Time for Bio lab.