October 3, 2011

June 28, 2011

Water boBBle

So this is another bzz campaign that I am in as a bzz agent. I'm not totally sure how I feel on this one yet though...

When I got the early invite to this campaign, I was VERY excited about it! I LOVE bottled water!

So I finally got my water bobble today and well, I'm not really impressed. I'm actually kind of disappointed... It is a water bottle with a carbon filter attached to the top. When you first get the bobble, you have to fill it up and then squirt all the water out in order to rinse the carbon filter so you don't end up getting carbon in your water when you drink it... So I did that twice just to be safe... Well, here's where the issue comes in...

If I pull the top up all the way to take a drink, I end up getting a lot of air and not a lot of water. Kind of defeats the purpose of a water bottle, right? So I figured out that if I only pull the top up about half way to drink, I get  a steady stream of water. But then as I suck to drink the water, I end up pulling the top all the way up again and I stop getting water.... That is very aggravating to me and is the primary reason I am unhappy with the water bobble. Maybe I got a defective one, who knows? It's a brand new product... Also, the carbon filter doesn't really seem to be making my tap water taste any different than, well, tap water...

So, that's my review of the water bobble. I'll be contacting bzz agent and asking if I may have gotten a defective bobble... But as of right now, I'm not impressed :/

Here's the website if you'd like more info :) http://www.waterbobble.com/

May 29, 2011

More "toys" from bzz agent :)

So here's my latest bzz campaign :)

It is safesync by TrendMicro.

It works, it does what it needs to do, and well, it's online file storage :) However, if you're a photographer, 10gb isn't going to get you far :/

So, if you're interested in trying it out, head over to TrendMicro and look for the safesync program... Use the discount code "BZZ20" to get a discount on the program :)

Special offer from BzzAgent.com :)

May 12, 2011

More bzz stuff :)

Been reading some books with this bzz campaign and they have actually been pretty good. The first one was called "Poke the Box" and the 2nd one is called "Do the Work".

Both are very good books and teach very valuable lessons :)

March 27, 2011

Another Bzz thing :)

So here's another website that I get to explore thanks to being a bzzagent (www.bzzagent.com if you want to get dibs on all this cool stuff too!). It is basically like an e-bay/craigslist but ONLY for kids things! I don't have any kid's stuff to sell right now (except for some old books that aren't really worth much anyway), but when I do, I might just have to try this place out :)

So, feel free to check it out and if you do, let me know what you think :)

March 21, 2011

New Bzz Campaign!

So I know I don't typically discuss stuff like this, but I joined a site called bzzagent.com a LONG time ago and just haven't been very active with them... Well, now I'm a little more active! I am currently working on a bzzcampaign where I get to try a website called thefactortree.com for free for 30 days. It is a website that teaches your elementary school aged child all about math! They can start as early as Kindergarten! I started this with Anna and she ABSOLUTELY LOVES it! She loves that she gets to work on the computer with mommy, she loves doing the worksheets they provide, and she even did pretty well on the evaluation test. We've only been using it for a few days so we will see if it improves her skills over the next month or so :) I can't wait to see how it goes!

If you decide to sign up, use the promo code "BZF" to get a free 14 day trial :)


February 21, 2011

Oh. My. Gosh.

Okay, I just have some student type ranting to do... I'm going insane today apparently and I have about 5 minutes to post this blog!

First things first. Today in Bio, we had to give presentations on some biodiversity hotspots... check out www.biodiversityhotspots.org for more information... There were some things that other students said that really made me cringe to think that they are college students... (Disclaimer: None of this is about my teacher)

1. Moisturize your trees. Really? I need to put lotion on my trees to make them grow? Okay!

2. Geography is pronounced "jee-ah-gruh-fee". Not "jeo-graf-ee".

3. Pinnipeds: If you don't know what the word means, you shouldn't be using it in a presentation to a bunch of people. It makes you look a little silly if you are barely able to pronounce a word and using it in the wrong context when you are supposed to be "teaching" the class about something.

4. What ever happened to sounding out words that you don't know? Does "myobatrachus" look like it would be pronounced "myobactrus"?

5. Community college is really giving me an ego boost. I feel like a genius compared to some of these people!

6. A number such as 327,262 is NOT said as "three hundred twenty seven two sixty two". Don't you have to pass 3rd grade to get a high school diploma or GED?

7. I'm glad that the elderly generation wants to learn more about technology, but if you don't understand a computer, don't take a course that requires you to do a TON of work on a computer. Take a basic computer course first!!!!!

Okay, end rant. Time for Bio lab.

January 8, 2011

What an amazing day in football!

So I know it has been almost a month since there has been a real update but not a whole lot has happened that I can blog about... But, I will give your short information, but unfortunately cannot release any details at this time...

1. Anna's father is back in jail. My custody papers have been filed, I have the Writ of Summons, I just need to find out what jail he is in so I can have him served there and get things moving.

2. I finally got my settlement check from my car accident 2 1/2 years ago. Almost half went to savings and the other half is going towards bills and other things that need to be taken care of (like the windshield on my car that has a crack going almost all the way across).

Well, those are the major updates. I can not give any further details on Anna's father.

So, the amazing day in football thing because I don't wanna post anymore statuses on Facebook LOL!

The Seahawks (Yes, I said the SEAHAWKS!) beat the SAINTS! What in the world is that all about? The Saints lost to the Seahawks?!?!? That is not something you would even THINK would happen, but I have to say, I am very proud of the Seahawks and I did get to see most of the game and they played a hard, good game. They deserved the win and I hope they continue to do well in the playoffs!

Then the Jets @ Colts! I was REALLY praying that the Jets would win. No, not because they're my favorite team, but because if the Jets won, they would have to play the Patriots next week. So now, if my Ravens win tomorrow, we get to play the STEEEEELERRSSSSSSSS again next week! I have faith that the rival between the Ravens & Steelers will once again provide a very good, vicious, entertaining game but I also have faith that the last minute loss to the Steelers last time has fired up my Ravens enough to get them to play harder than ever and beat the Steelers! I can't WAIT to see that game!

Anywho, I think I've had enough excitement for today :) Gonna watch the news, then it's bed time!

Good night everyone!