September 11, 2010

Caleb's little head...

I just wanted to share how Caleb's little head works... This child is amazingly smart... Wanna know why?

When you tell your child to clean up their toys or you are going to throw them away, what do they do? Do they cry? Throw a fit? Pick up their toys? Caleb does none of the above... He just says in an ever-so-nonchalantly way as he shrugs his shoulders and raises his hands , "Just throw them away mommy..."

Here's another one for you...

At dinner time, Caleb is difficult to get to eat sometimes. So we will tell him he won't get dessert if he doesn't eat all of his (insert one item on his plate)... So he says, "I don't want dessert".

Please, if you have any suggestions on ways to "fix" these issues, let me know :) He's a pretty good listener, but he knows how to "get around things" to get his own way... Very frustrating at times!

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